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Articles — Sprints, Relays

Steve CowburnRelay Training for the Little Athlete – A Coaching Guide

Author:     Stephen Cowburn – ATFCA Level 5 Coach

Abstract: This fully illustrated guide has been written principally for use by Little Athlete Relay Coaches. The information and advice it offers has been gathered over several years of relay coaching with boys and girls in the U9 to U15 age groups and is based on practical experience.

. . .Little Athlete Relays pdf

Kevin PrendergastA Mathematical Model of the 100m – And what it means

Author:     Kevin Prendergast – ATFCA Level 5 Coach

Abstract: This paper develops a mathematical model, or formula, of the 100m sprint and applies it to the men’s 100m event at the 1999 World Championships, for which times at each 10m-point are available for all finalists. From this set of data, models are derived for the average performance of the first seven runners, . . . and for the winner, Maurice Greene. The differences between Greene and the average finalist are identified. The really significant result to come out of the analysis is that Greene is able to accelerate for considerably longer than anyone else.
. . .Mathematical Model of 100mpdf