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VLAA Race Walking Manual – A Walk Judging and Coaching Handbook

Prepared by the LAVic Race Walking Committee

Editor: Shane Bertrand – ATFCA Level 2 Coach – Education and Development Coordinator, Little Athletics Victoria

Abstract: This training guide has been prepared primarily to assist new walk judges gain a better understanding of walking techniques in Little Athletics Victoria. It is understandable that some coaches will use these notes as a basis for their coaching at Centre level. Race Walking is a unique event, and those involved with it must be aware of what can cause an athlete to infringe the rules. They must then be able to assist the walker to rectify the faults. This is most important in Little Athletic ranks because during Saturday morning competition a good Centre will encourage its walk judges to combine coaching and judging especially in the first half of the season, gradually putting more emphasis on judging as the year progresses. Quite often Centres do not have a walk coach, therefore competitors and their parents will turn to the walk judge for guidance.

. . .LAVic_Race_Walking_Manual pdf