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Articles — Middle Distance

Kevin PrendergastMiddle Distance is NOT Short Long Distance

Author:      Kevin Prendergast – ATFCA Level 5 Coach

Abstract:    Both organisations [AA and ATFCA] continue to devalue middle distance running, and to provide less than optimal service to middle distance athletes and coaches, by lumping middle distance in with distance. . . . . if event groups do matter it would be wise to group events so as to have maximum commonality of skills, theory and practice.
. . .Middle Distance is not Long Distance pdf .

Kevin PrendergastOptimum Speed Distribution in the 800m – Training Implications

Author:      Kevin Prendergast – ATFCA Level 5 Coach

Abstract:    This paper establishes that there is a pace distribution for the 800m that will result in an athlete’s fastest possible time.  It is one of deceleration through successive 200m segments, and of course the pace of the first 200 and the rate of deceleration are critical.  Scientific reasoning and historical evidence are called upon to determine what these should be.  Variations necessitated by race situations are discussed.  The athlete must have certain attributes in order to be able to produce the required pace distribution, and these attributes need training.  The training required to develop these attributes is discussed.
. . .800m Pace Distribution pdf .