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steve cowburn2Coaching Hurdles – A progressive guide for coaching junior hurdle athletes

Author:     Stephen Cowburn – ATFCA Level 5 Coach

Abstract: To be successful in a hurdle race the athlete must first be successful as a sprinter. However there are distinct differences between the requirements of a sprinter and the requirements of a hurdler. . . . The sprinter has complete freedom on stride length and frequency and no specific demands on flexibility or rhythm. The hurdler, like the sprinter, has to cover a specific distance in a short a time as possible however, on the way, has to negotiate several barriers as efficiently as possible minimising any loss of speed. This places specific demands on the hurdle athlete in terms of flexibility (low hurdle clearance) and stride pattern (rhythm).

. . . Hurdle Coaching Progression excerptpdf3.7MB      . . .Hurdle Coaching Progression [no TT_tables]pdf16.9MB   . . .Touchdown Tables pdf90kb