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Here we provide some tools that are recommended as valuable for the development of athletics coaches; some general, some event-specific:

  • the contact details of experienced coaches who are prepared to act as mentors to less experienced coaches;
  • published articles and manuals – most of which have been written and used in practice by our senior coaches;
  • books that we recommend as valuable references – we do not source or sell books;
  • web links to useful articles or tools that are recommended by our senior coaches; and,
  • video clips and presentations – most of which have been produced and used in practice by our senior coaches.

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Articles – the Coach

The role of an athletics coach is similar to that of a business manager – both are responsible for obtaining results, though other people do the work. This article examines management theory and skills and how they can be applied to athletics coaching to make it more systematic and effective. It concludes that coaching accreditation …

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Articles — Endurance

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steve cowburn2

Articles — Hurdles

Coaching Hurdles – A progressive guide for coaching junior hurdle athletes Author:     Stephen Cowburn – ATFCA Level 5 Coach Abstract: To be successful in a hurdle race the athlete must first be successful as a sprinter. However there are distinct differences between the requirements of a sprinter and the requirements of a hurdler. . …

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Articles — Jumps

Hop, Step and Jump – with Nathan Producer: Bryan R Neighbour – ATFCA Level 5 Coach Abstract: Nathan demonstrates a very good hop, step and jump technique. Clip of triple jump technique . . . 1MB

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Articles — Middle Distance

Middle Distance is NOT Short Long Distance Author:      Kevin Prendergast – ATFCA Level 5 Coach Abstract:    Both organisations [AA and ATFCA] continue to devalue middle distance running, and to provide less than optimal service to middle distance athletes and coaches, by lumping middle distance in with distance. . . . . if event …

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VLAA Racewalking Manual

Articles — Racewalking

VLAA Race Walking Manual – A Walk Judging and Coaching Handbook Prepared by the LAVic Race Walking Committee Editor: Shane Bertrand – ATFCA Level 2 Coach – Education and Development Coordinator, Little Athletics Victoria Abstract: This training guide has been prepared primarily to assist new walk judges gain a better understanding of walking techniques in …

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Articles — Sprints, Relays

Relay Training for the Little Athlete – A Coaching Guide Author:     Stephen Cowburn – ATFCA Level 5 Coach Abstract: This fully illustrated guide has been written principally for use by Little Athlete Relay Coaches. The information and advice it offers has been gathered over several years of relay coaching with boys and girls in …

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Articles — the Athlete

Victorian Institute of Sport 2010-11 Track and Field Program . . . Selection Criteria [pdf]

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Articles — Throws

Utilizing Stretch-Shortening Cycles in Discus Author:     Bryan R Neighbour – ATFCA Level 5 Coach Abstract: One element of paramount importance for optimal performance is the ability to use the stretch-shortening cycle to optimize power output. This is a natural mechanism in a concentric phase that can be conditioned to achieve optimal performance for the …

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