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Accreditation Courses —
Workshops — Clinics

Workshop topics will, over a year, cover most aspects of athletics coaching. Courses will be offered in both metropolitan and regional venues.

Topics: Members are invited to forward ideas, suggestions and recommendations, or offer themselves as presenters for future workshops or clinics.

Next workshop:

August Sprints and more Workshop

All our workshops are filmed.

DVDs of previous workshops are available from Heather Lamb –

email:  heatherlamb@optusnet.com.au

Here is a list of DVDs available:

Sprints Forum 2012
High Jump Bryan Neighbour 2013
Junior Distance Cheyne Sherman 2014
Horizontal Jumps Bohdan Babijczuk 2014
Performance Enhancement Tryo Fluitsma 2014
Horizontal Jumps John Crane 2015
Running Chris Falke 2015
Javelin Lindsay Burgoyne 2015
Hurdles Roy Boyd 2016