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Coach Mentor Scheme

The primary purpose of our Coach Mentoring Scheme is to advance the standard of athletics coaching in Victoria.

These members have volunteered as coach-mentors to provide direct support:

  • for all coaches wishing to develop their skills and knowledge;
  • by providing advice and guidance to coaches who wish to refine their coaching practices; and,
  • by promoting athletics coaching ‘best practices’.

Our members participating as coach mentors may be at varying levels of ATFCA accreditation but you can be confident that they all have the experience, enthusiasm and expertise to help you in their areas of specialisation and in the general art and science of effective coaching.

Requesting a Mentor

If you would like some advice on the mentoring scheme before approaching a coach-mentor, please contact our Coach Education Coordinator, or Secretary:

Registered Coach Mentors

Clicking on a name in the list will take you to a full profile and contact detail for that coach mentor.


Name Location Specialty
Peter Barrett Bendigo and District Sprints, Middle/Long Distance, Throws, Multi-Events
Shane Bertrand Sunbury Sprints, Middle Distance, Walks, Discus, Shot Put
Chris Brennan Willinda Park, Greensborough Sprints 200m, 100m
Steve Cain Box Hill Athletics Track Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Relays, Hurdles, Multi-Events
Brad Carter Essendon, Aberfeldie Sprints, Jumps
Mike Donato Knox and Eastern Suburbs Sprints, Throws, Multi-Events, Conditioning
Wayne Dyball Mentone and SE Suburbs Youth – Sprints, Hurdles, Cross-Country, Jumps, Throws, Multi-Event
Steve Gaffney Aberfeldie [occasionally Lakeside Stadium] Sprints, Relays, 800m – Speed Endurance
James Karageorgiou Lakeside Stadium, Goschs Paddock Sprints, Hurdles, Strength and Conditioning
Peter Kehoe St Kevins College
[other venues, on request]
400m, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Steeplechase, Cross-Country
Stephen McMahon Llanberris Athletic Centre, Ballarat Middle Distance, Long Distance, Steeplechase
Darren Quix Willinda Park, Greensborough Jumps, High Jump Specialist, Beginner to High Performance
Maureen Reynolds Greensborough, Essendon
[by appointment please]
Hurdles, Sprints
Cheyne Sherman Glen Huntley Track Track events, Cross-Country
Life Saving Victoria 2k distance event
David Stones Kooyong Track Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance