Details for Victorian based courses, seminars and workshops are available via the page links to the right. To apply, click on your preferred Course and follow the instructions.

Please note that the national coach accreditation scheme is in transition, to a new scheme managed by Athletics Australia and this will eventually supersede the remaining three tiers of ATFCA’s familiar multi-tier scheme, ie, ATFCA Levels III, IV and V.

The ATFCA levels 3-5 accreditation courses are still valid. Applicants should contact the ATFCA national office on (07) 5597 4499.

Historically speaking, the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association initiated its Coach Accreditation scheme in 1974 and for about 35 years was the only scheme endorsed by the Australian Coaching Council. During that period ATFCA courses were regularly revised and evolved steadily from a three tier scheme to the familiar basic introductory course, ie, the Introduction To Coaching course (licensed, in Victoria, to Little Athletics Victoria); and five Levels of Accreditation, i.e. Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IV and Level V. However the ‘Times are a changing’: so, for more information on the progress of this transition, refer to the Athletics Australia Web Site (Coach Education).

The ATFCA ‘Introduction to Coaching’ courses will continue for the foreseeable future.
Applicants seeking information should contact Little Athletics Victoria (see Web site or Ph 03 9676 3600 / Shane Bertrand).

The delivery of the first level (Level 1, Beginning Coach) began late last year and will be followed shortly by Athletics Australia’s release of the new level 2 course. Course details are sketchy at present however it will be a two day course heavily oriented towards the events with similar features to the ATFCA level one accreditation. The Victorian ATFCA Branch has its Level 2 delivery team ready and expects the first course to be presented in April. Bookings to commence as soon as Athletics Australia release the operational details.
Currently in Victoria there are two licensed providers:

  • ATFCA Victoria Branch
  • Athletics Victoria

All advertising for ATFCA courses will appear in the ATFCA monthly newsletters, “Modern Athlete and Coach”, on this web site [see right-hand panel], and also on the Little Athletics Victoria web site.

Athletics Australia has recently provided a comparison of the new levels with the previous ATFCA system –  see below.

When registering as an accredited coach, members might need to request a regrading by Athletics Australia, to align with the new scheme. The best person to assist in this matter is Michael Poulton (Ph 03 9820 3511/

Accreditation Courses —
Workshops — Clinics

Workshop topics will, over a year, cover most aspects of athletics coaching. Courses will be offered in both metropolitan and regional venues. Topics: Members are invited to forward ideas, suggestions and recommendations, or offer themselves as presenters for future workshops or clinics. Next workshop: August Sprints and more Workshop All our workshops are filmed. DVDs of previous …

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Coaching Seminars

Up coming coaching workshops and seminars are advertised through posts on our “News”. Please check the website regularly. If you have ideas for future seminars and workshops, please contact us so that they can be included in the planning

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Coach Mentor Scheme

The primary purpose of our Coach Mentoring Scheme is to advance the standard of athletics coaching in Victoria. These members have volunteered as coach-mentors to provide direct support: for all coaches wishing to develop their skills and knowledge; by providing advice and guidance to coaches who wish to refine their coaching practices; and, by promoting …

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Athletics Officials Courses

Athletics Australia – primarily through Athletics Victoria – conduct officiating courses/seminars in track and field disciplines from C grade to A grade. The short C grade seminars (about two hours) provide essential background for coaches and, if you wish to sit the test that immediately follows the seminar, you may be qualified to officiate at …

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