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Coaches Travel Fund

ATFCA Victoria Coaches Travel Fund

Terms and Conditions

How to apply

Applications must be in writing and should be submitted to the Victorian Division’s Secretary at least six weeks prior to commencement of the activity that is associated with the funding request. No requests shall be accepted more than two weeks after completion of the associated activity or event.

Applications will be considered by the Grants Committee at its scheduled monthly meeting following receipt of the application.

Where the money comes from

Grants will be paid from the annual interest earned on the ATFCA Victoria Travel Fund account plus 60 percent (ie, $3) of the Travel Levy received from members. The remaining 40 percent (ie, $2) will remain invested to accrue interest for the Travel Fund.

Allocation of Grants

A Grants sub committee comprising the Secretary, Treasurer and one other ATFCA Committee member will meet and consider each application. The Grants Committee shall recommend to the General Committee the suitability or not of each application received, and the amount to be granted.

The amount allocated to each approved applicant will depend on the number of suitable applicants applying for funding but is likely to be within the range of $50 to $300 for an individual in any 12 months period.

Priority shall be given to coaches who have not received significant funding, from any source, within the previous 12 months.

Criteria for receipt of a Grant
  1. The Applicant must be a current financial member of ATFCA Victoria, must have been a member for at least 12 months, and have been a member of ATFCA for at least three years.
  2. The Applicant must currently be an accredited Track and Field coach under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
  3. The Applicant must not be in receipt of significant funding from another source for that activity. ExampleVIS or AIS funding or Scholarship.
  4. The applicant may be:
    1. an official member of the managerial or coaching staff selected by the governing body responsible for the team[i] ;
    2. a personal coach of an athlete in one of the above teams;
    3. attending a Course, Seminar, Workshop, Congress or Summer School conducted by: ATFCA, Little Athletics Victoria, Australian Coaching Council, Athletics Australia, Athletics Victoria, or Sport and Recreation Victoria;
    4. attending any other seminar, conference, workshop, congress, etc, relevant to the advancement of coaching in Victoria, and approved as appropriate by the Grants Committee. Such applicants must submit a report, on the conduct and content of the event, to the Committee, via the Secretary, within a calendar month of the completion date of the activity. This report must be available for distribution to the members of ATFCA Victoria.
What the Grant covers

The Grant may be used to assist with actual and reasonable expenses incurred on:

  1. travel or accommodation;
  2. travel Visa or travel insurance;
  3. direct and verifiable loss of income whilst traveling with the team or attending the associated activity, to a maximum of $50 per day or $250 in total; or,
  4. a compulsory team uniform that the applicant is required to purchase and wear.
Payment of the Grant

If a written report is required (see 4 (d) above), payment to successful applicants shall be made only following submission of a satisfactory report within the required timeframe.

Administration of the grant shall proceed as follows:

  • Applicants for a grant shall be advised of approval or non-approval by the ATFCA Victoria Secretary. This advice shall be in writing and should include a copy of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Payment shall be made not more than six weeks prior to the associated activity.
  • Payment of the grant shall be made by the ATFCA Victoria Treasurer, from the Travel Fund, via direct credit to the grant recipient’s bank account or by cheque.
Cancellation of Grant

ATFCA Victoria may require the cancellation of a grant and the recipient shall refund monies if:

  • the grant recipient is suspended by the relevant coaching or sporting organisation either before or during the activity associated with the awarding of the grant; or,
  • the grant recipient does not proceed with participation in the activity or event; or,
  • the activity or event is cancelled before monies are committed.


Revised:     March 2011

[i]               A team is defined as an official Victorian or Australian team, a Little Athletics Victoria team, or a representative team sanctioned by Athletics Australia