Jun 06

ATFCA Vic 2013 Winter Workshop Series

Bryan Neighbour - L5May 2013 has seen the very successful restart of our Winter workshop series.

ATFCA’s senior presenter, Bryan Neighbour, has produced and presented an outstanding two sessions of Shot Put Coaching on Friday evenings – one held in the Mentone Athletic Club rooms in Mentone, the other in the Keilor Clubrooms a week later. Attendees were presented with coaching techniques for primary school beginners through to the elite shot put athlete, and were able to take home sufficient high quality reference material to keep them informed and busy for months, if not years.

The format will continue in June with the theme being the High Jump [detail via the Scheduled Events in the right-hand panel], and in July with the Javelin.

We encourage coaches and potential coaches from, and especially, LAV, AV, AA, and schools to attend for their professional development.

If you are an athletics official, a non-PE teacher interested in assisting at athletics, a helper at sports events, or an athlete (usually 16+) interested in learning more about your event or a new event, or ‘just’ an interested spectator, this is your chance to enhance your understanding: of a specific event, of the development of an athlete, and of athletics in general.

High Jump

So what’s in our workshop for you?

This is what we will do!

• We will cover teaching / coaching / conditioning, from basics to advanced performances

• Teach methods of instruction from Australia, USA, Russia, Central America, Canada

• Provide teaching variations

• Help you understand the bio-mechanics involved

• Provide additional visual material (up to 30Gb) for you! So if possible, bring your own laptop or similar device to copy videos, eg, for competitions, teaching methods, jumping background music, etc, from a USB drive. Remember – bring a laptop or similar.