Mar 23

Identified Mental Skills – Leading Up to and During Major Competitions – Anthony Klarica

The following article summarises the presentation made to members and guests at the AT&FCA Vic Annual General Meeting on 21st March 2012. This stimulating and informative session was presented by Anthony Klarica MMIB, MAppSc, GradDipPsych, BEd, MAPS – Director, Psychologist – Elite Performance – www.eliteperformance.com.au


Athletes and coaches identified the need to be relaxed and to stay positive and confident, both in the lead up to competitions, at major competitions and in a range of other environments as the most commonly required mental skills. Additional skills identified by both groups included communication and resilience with regard to injury management. Goal setting, visualisation and imagery were also commonly identified by both groups.

Athletes identified concentration and focus, as well as preparation more often than coaches, while coaches identified the need to deal with pressure, have support networks and manage life at a competition village more than the athletes.

Overall, both athletes and coaches recognised a number of key mental skills to assist them. In recognition of this, a number of “tip sheets” have been created to continue dialogue on these topics between athletes and coaches

One purpose of this review was to share the thoughts of athletes and coaches with each other so that they could ensure that the skills that they identified as being important are being discussed, developed and then implemented to assist them in the range of situations discussed.

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