Jul 05

Another Successful ATFCA Workshop – 2 Jul 11

Some of the coaches and athletes attending the 2 Jul 11 Workshop at Box Hill Athletics Centre – shown with John Boas in the Long Jump and Triple Jump session –

Workshop attendees - 4 Jun 11

Once again there were three separate sessions for your professional development available in ATFCA Vic’s monthly coach education workshops.Workshop High Jump session - 2 Jul 11

These included:

  • Teaching high jump
    Presenter: Darren Quix – Demonstrator: Chris Armet
  • Coaching junior triple and long jumpers, plus program planning and development
    Presenter: John Boas – Demonstrator: Alex Lorraway
  • Coaching and Judging Racewalking
    Presenter: Shane Bertrand – Demonstrator: Carly Bertrand
  • Workshop Rcaewalking session attendees - 2 Jul 11

Our celebrity guest presenter was John Boas OAM: Level 5 Senior Coach; Olympic Games Team Coach; a Life-Member of the ATFCA; and, the 2004 recipient of the Henri Schubert Memorial Award for his service to this sport.

The sessions were well attended and provided for very positive and constructive comments.

More Workshop photos via the ‘Gallery – Workshop’ link above.

Details of the August Workshop will be available shortly.