Jun 06

Very Successful ATFCA Winter Workshop – 4 Jun 11

Some of the coaches and athletes attending the 4 Jun 11 Workshop at Box Hill Athletics Centre – shown at the opening address by our Coach Education Coordinator, Bryan Neighbour –

Workshop attendees - 4 Jun 11

The Workshop, one of ATFCA Vic’s monthly coach education workshops included streams on:

  • Specific-Event development – Long Jump, Triple Jump, Steeplechase/Endurance
    Presented by – Bryan Neighbour [with Nathan D], Mark Donahoo, and Trevor Vincent
  • Workshop 4 Jun 11 - TJ
    Workshop 4 Jun 11 - Steeple

  • Advanced Principles coaching – Using Video to analyse and measure performances
    Presented by – Dr Oren Tirosh and Dr Tony Sparrow

Workshop 4 Jun 11 - Video Analysis
The sessions were well attended and provided for very positive and constructive comments from both experienced and inexperienced coaches. Many attendees emphasised how much they valued and appreciated these sessions as being an essential resource for their continuing development as coaches.

More Workshop photos via the ‘Gallery – Workshop’ link above.
Details of the July Workshop will be available shortly.