Mar 23

National Coach Accreditation – Course Providers

The following statement concerns the 2010 appointment of the ATFCA Victoria Branch, and Athletics Victoria, as two independent course providers for the new National Coach Accreditation program.

The ATFCA Victoria Committee are not convinced that having two providers for so many courses and streams within those courses can be justified.

It is the view of our Committee that for the foreseeable future, Victoria would be better served by one provider.

We feel that effective coordination of so many courses, within Victoria, will require at least one employee plus office support and that AV is well placed to provide this level of management.

So, it has been decided by the Committee, and in the interest of athletics in this State, that to gain the greatest benefit from the new national scheme we should rely on one provider and, for the foreseeable future, it should be Athletics Victoria.

The ATFCA Victorian Branch has already notified Athletics Australia of this decision, ie,  that it has withdrawn as a licensed provider for the new structure and we will be formally requesting our members to support and promote all AV advertised courses.

Given that the Branch is moving away from its historical role as a course provider, it will instead focus on its contribution to Coach Education by increasing the availability of ATFCA workshops, liaising and supporting LAV coach and athlete education programs, and also by assisting as presenters in AV coaches courses.

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Neighbour

Coach Education Coordinator
ATFCA (Victorian division)